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We combine strategy with creativity and transform insights to action to realize your advertising objectives.

mtmy is the data-driven advertising agency from Matomy (LSE: MTMY, TASE: MTMY.TA), a world-leading media company delivering smart technology and a personalized approach to advertising.

mtmy offers advertisers a holistic approach throughout the product's lifecycle, reaching users effectively at every stage of their journey with data-driven advertising across channels. Charged with Matomy's own DMP, mtmy couples powerful targeting of global media with cross-channel optimization to maximize returns on advertising budgets.

Founded in 2007, Matomy helped shape what online and mobile performance marketing have become today. Matomy's programmatic platforms include the mobile, self-serve demand-side platform myDSP, the MobFox SSP and exchange, and the Optimatic video advertising platform. With headquarters in Tel Aviv, Matomy has 11 offices around the world, ensuring that you meet your local and global needs.

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Why mtmy?

Your dedicated & experienced team

Our account managers, analysts, and media buyers have at least three years of experience in the field, providing a depth of service that surpasses industry standards and client expectations.

Comprehensive insights

Whether you are a Google guru, Facebook freak, Instagram insider - or all of the above, mtmy brings you the best of all social channels and more. Your expert team derives actionable insights from all your channels, and presents them in a single, user-friendly dashboard to help guide optimization and other decision-making.

Programmatic technology

Matomy offers a DSP, SSP, DMP and a Performance Algorithm, creating a complete ecosystem for our mtmy advertisers. Our automated, internal rule engine helps mobile advertisers optimize their campaigns and attain fast return on investment.

Unique traffic

Our clients benefit from traffic from our unique, scalable sources such as MobFox SSP, which offers a global reach of 300 million users per month through a network of 40,000 publishers connected directly to the SSP.

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