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Holistic cross-channel mobile advertising

Optimizing your search, social, and programmatic campaigns according to a range of parameters, including location, behavior, device, OS, creative type, demographics - we turn insights to action!

Facebook,Instagram,Pinterest & Twitter YouTube,Admob &mGDN Programmatic Unique external media sourceslike influencer marketing, carrier traffic SEM ASO Mobile Email KeywordsOptimization Interests Retargeting Mail openers on FB Interests Sharing Best Performing Audience Profiling, Creatives and scheduling with our external sources Retargeting and creating similar audiences based on Device IDs from External on Mobfox Identifying best performing creative scheduling, interests from FB and targeting them on Google Identifying best performing device IDs and targeting them or similar on Mobfox Identifying best performing placements and targeting Performance Algo Data

mtmy channels & services


mtmy helps you understand your best users, optimize your campaigns, and maximize your budget to achieve your KPIs on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. We execute your ROAS-driven social campaigns, using predictive marketing, advanced analytics, and Facebook Marketing Partner technology from Kenshoo.


Reach high-quality users at just the right moments with our performance-based advertising across all major search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Yandex). And gain access to new and beta Google products from your Google Partner, mtmy.

Influencer Marketing

Step up your user acquisition and brand awareness with winning campaigns from social media influencers, who seamlessly promote your products to their fans using a more authentic approach.

App Store Marketing

Reach your target audience with mobile app install campaigns. Take it one step further and boost brand awareness, drive more organic traffic, and improve your click-to-install rate on your app page with our app store optimization services. After analyzing your app's title, description, ranking, competitors, and keywords, we will build a custom strategy to shoot your app to the top of your category.

In-App & Mobile Web Programmatic

Make every ad dollar count with in-app and mobile web programmatic campaigns. experience extreme flexibility and control over your campaigns with micro-bidding, a smart rule engine, and actionable reporting for optimization in real time.

Native Ads

Matching the look and feel of a site or app's articles and videos, native ads are a non-intrusive form of advertising that attracts high-quality users who are more inclined to engage and take action.


With access to 350 million verified emails, user-converting features like pay-per-call & click-to-call, and click-worthy creatives, our whitelisted technology lets you easily target consumers based on behavior, purchase history, demographics, and industry.


see your insights turn to action

In a single dashboard, you'll be able to see the whole picture, following your users' journey across every channel and every campaign. mtmy is more than mere campaign management. It's a transparent solution that lets you view your budget, creatives, and analytics so you receive the insights you need to optimize your advertising and increase ROI.


Once our team collects this information, you'll gain a lot more value from your user base. By retargeting only relevant users, we'll help you maintain brand loyalty and long-term engagement.

Ready to see the big picture?