insight to action

Understanding the whole picture and taking ACTION

Using a holistic approach, we turn insights to action and give our advertisers the ability to reach users at any point of their journey, transforming those users into customers. mtmy puts your advertising goals first, adjusting strategy according to your campaign activity and insights, rather than forcing a one-size-fits-all model on your brand.

It's about the journey... and the journey goes beyond the install. From building strategy, to creating tap-worthy in-house creatives, mtmy will provide you with the right solution - and with transparency throughout all the stages of your product's lifecycle.

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From the first impression to repeated purchase

we help you drive your user along the customer journey

When the journey is as important as the destination

See the journey

The user's journey doesn't end at installation. After digging deep and getting to know you, defining your KPIs, and identifying your best users with behavioral targeting and predictive marketing technology, we build a long-term strategy that will engage and reengage high-quality users on the most effective channels to keep them loyal to your brand.

Achieve long-term customer retention with a holistic strategy based on early engagement & continued reengagement.

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The technology driving a successful user journey

Our innovative trading ecosystem captures 10s of billions of events each day, which are then funneled into our data management and programmatic buying & selling platforms for optimizing our advertisers' ROI.

Programmatic Advertising

Employing a smart rule engine and micro bidding, our in-house programmatic demand-side platform, myDSP, offers efficient, accurate targeting and extended reach for successful acquisition and retargeting campaigns.

Predictive Marketing

Combining behavioral profiling and predictive marketing, mtmy helps you identify the DNA of your best users, and targets, engages, and reengages lookalike and similar audiences across Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Instagram.

Data Management Platform

Leveraging data from our proprietary programmatic technology including our internal DSP and SSP, and other external sources, the Matomy Data Management Platform enables advanced segmentation of users for smarter media buying and customer acquisition across multiple devices and channels.

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